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F-Zero: Seppuku - GEOGRAPHY/HISTORY by Siontix F-Zero: Seppuku - GEOGRAPHY/HISTORY by Siontix
It came to my attention that not everybody is as much of a Geography nut as me, which can make my story confusing when Earl's always going on about Korea, Manchuria, Japan, China, etc. So here is at long last, the simple way of understanding what the world (Asia) looks like in my story--along with a history lesson both fiction and non-fiction.

Today, Korea remains divided--DPRK and ROK, more commonly referred to as North and South Korea. Today, the province of Manchuria belongs to the nation of China, Manchuria was last an independent nation during World War II--though it was controlled as a puppet nation by Japan, the nation wasn't known as Manchuria however, rather it was Manchukuo. Russia borders China and Mongolia, the Soviet Union (Communist Russia) had invaded Manchukuo shortly after Germany's (Nazi era) defeat, this is mainly why there is a Communist part of Korea still today. The Allies (I don't consider the Soviet Union as an ally :p ) got control of the other part of Korea, ultimately agreeing with the Soviet Union to split it--a Stalinist north and a Capitalist South. North Korea today remains a very military controlled nation, and remains isolated in the eyes of the world, (This is the nation I base the planet Mysteria off of.)

United Powers
In my story, at some point Korea does unify, though I do not state how this happens, or even which Korea it is based off of. This is up to the reader to decide--whether Korea in F-Zero: Seppuku is the DPRK or ROK. Over several years, most of the world had begun to merge and form one large nation--mainly because of the discovery of other planets, which didn't follow the nations system, rather a complete unified planet. The United States, Canada, and Mexico eventually kicked off the goal of unifying Earth by merging together and simply forming a nation called America, not to be confused with the United States of America. As the nation of America demonstrated great economic and military success, the independent nation of Scotland proposed with Western Europe to do the same, eventually nations such as Germany and France merged, and within less than a century, the nation of Europe was created. This exact same thing happened to Africa and eventually South America, until South America merged their unified territories with North America, once again making one large America. Years later, the world is nearly unified into continents, rather than divided nations, somewhere around the 2100's, it was ultimately decided to merge the world into one large nation, known as the United Powers, the majority vote allowed for this, and it was decided that Earth would finally unify into one large nation--the only thing stopping this from being completed was a stubborn Korea and Japan, two nations that preferred traditional values, not wanting to merge. Korea had obtained the province of Manchuria after China dissolved into the United Powers--I never state how or why this happens, (your guess is as good as mine...) the main reason Japan and Korea survive the United Power's pressure of joining them, was because of the newly formed genre of racing--F-Zero. Japan had changed it's capital name from Tokyo to Mute City, as it assumed the role of biggest and most successful city on Earth. The money and interest made in F-Zero made it clear to the United Powers that implementing Japan or Korea into the Powers was now out of reach, as not only did the people of Japan and Korea want to keep their independence, but now planets were supporting their will to remain independent. As a result, neither Korea or Japan became annexed by the United Powers--Japan later becomes the new home of Chiya Flower and Earl Bendek, as the adventure begins...
F-Zero: Seppuku - Korean Civil War - 2199
Around the time Chiya Flower escaped to Earth, there was a Manchurian uprising in Korea--the province of Korea had formed a rebellion and declared war on Korea. The war goal of the rebellion was for the annexation of Manchuria into the United Powers, no longer wishing to remain a part of Korea, the Korean military was under suspicion that the United Powers was arming up the rebels, but had to simply allow this--as a war with the United Powers would be impossible. During this conflict, the Korean government issued a draft and was offering perks to people who volunteered without the draft, the Manchurian government was initially well armed, making this difficult for Korea. Japan had no desire to intervene in this war, simply disregarding the conflict. The Korean Civil War lasted for less than a year, one of the major contributing factors that ended the war, was when the commander of a tank battalion ordered an attack on a tower, striking it down with heavy explosive shells, while this didn't affect the rebellion's army or even their organization, the devastation that the collapsed tower left brough war exhaustion to the people of Manchuria, heavily assisting in the decision to surrender to Korea. 2200, Manchuria surrendered to Korea, once again attaching Manchuria to the nation of Korea--at the cost of Korea being demonized as a terrorist nation.
F-Zero: Seppuku - 2204
In the present day of the story, Korea still owns Manchuria, Japan remains a striving nation for F-Zero and military, and the United Powers keeps control of the world. The Galactic Space Federation had eventually recognized Japan as the place they would host their homebase at, putting their headquarters in Mute City. Popular spokesman such as Jody Summer claimed that the decision to choose Japan, was simply because the United Powers would be more difficult to work with--Japan more willing to discuss issues with the Federation. The female protagonist, Chiya Flower, decides that Japan is the best place to go--as she can speak fluent Japanese from her planet of Mysteria. To this day, not many newcomers to Earth even realize that at one point, the planet was a cluster of divided nations...

I hope this helps people understand the geography of F-Zero: Seppuku more, the geography portion of this story is a completely original idea by me--as F-Zero never mentions geography much, except that Mute City is formerly known as New York--unlike mine, where it is formerly known as Tokyo.
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Story contains violence, language anywhere below the "F" word, slight sexual themes.

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AlternateHistorian Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015
Cool idea man!
Siontix Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015
I've created Mankorea many times in PC grand strategy games like: Victoria II, Hearts of Iron, Supreme Ruler, etc. It's just a fun scenario to imagine; whether this fictional version of Korea be socialist or democratic.
AlternateHistorian Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015
Really well done I must say :)
Disstrack Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
I like the idea, that manchukuo is part of korea
Siontix Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
That's one of my favorite concepts. I like to call that Mankorea.
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