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=Lap 73=

Chiya and Earl were sitting together on Mount Fuji, a gentle breeze blew across their faces as they looked off into the distance. Chiya was holding onto Earl with a happy smile, her head laid back onto his shoulder. Earl dipped his head downward and grinned with his eyes closed, running his fingers down her hair passionately.
Chiya opened her eyes and watched as a flock of birds soared through the dim sunset. She smiled and exhaled, watching as the wings of the birds gently flapped in patterns.
“They’re so beautiful…”
Earl opened his eyes and smiled, “I know you are.”
Chiya widened her eyes at him and smiled more widely, Earl chuckled and held her more tightly. Chiya exhaled again and laid her head back on him.
“From the day I laid sadly in the abandoned warehouse I was forced to label as home, I knew my life was to get better eventually. I knew I was destined for true happiness…” Earl opened his eyes again and looked down at her, “The life I live has been abnormal, yes. Gang wars, evil clones, racing, Seppuku--even my journey with you to Korea. But I‘ve always viewed this as a true fantasy life in my eyes…”
Earl grinned at her, “We’re both still in our twenties. We have so many years left with each other.”
Chiya nodded, her eyes began to water--a tear forced out of her eye as she looked at him, “The world will one day know about our love story, I promise you this…”
Earl ran his finger under her chin, “It all starts with a girl, a guy, and an adventure…”

Chiya gasped loudly and jolted her head up. She began to hyperventilate--feeling randomly forced out of her slumber. She lowered her eyelids and sighed, realizing that the perfect fantasy was indeed just a dream. She smiled and exhaled however, understanding that this dream was not far from the truth. Chiya raised an eyebrow and rubbed her chin, she was in her bed--but something seemed out of place.
“Morning dead weight.”
Chiya gasped and looked to her left, Dark Rose was laying next to her--still tied up and blindfolded. Chiya gritted her teeth and grunted loudly. “Uh, hi…”
Rose chuckled and closed her eyes, “You sure have one amazing boyfriend, Chiya.”
Chiya smiled, “I know. But uh, why so?”
“Just like I remember when I was in your blood. You had fallen asleep while working with Earl in the garage, so he carried you all the way here and tucked you in.”
Chiya blushed and dipped her head down, “Wish I wasn’t such a heavy sleeper…”
“You don’t like when he does that?”
Chiya smirked at her, “Did you like when he did?”
Rose smirked back, “Did you?”
“Exactly, I’m so-so on that matter.”
Chiya exhaled and brought her feet up to her waist, puckering her lips excitedly, “So, I’m sorry that this isn’t the best prisoner treatment we could offer.” Rose quirked her mouth aimlessly, “Under any other circumstance, we’d only tie up your hands--but we can’t risk you getting away.”
Rose gasped, “M- my machine! Where is it!?”
“Seppuku went and picked it up last night--it’s in the garage.”
Rose exhaled and rubbed her forehead, “Thank God…”
Chiya chuckled at her and laid back down, putting her head down into her pillow. “So----o, the Purring Kitten, eh?”
“Oh, that! No, no, don’t worry about that. I only start calling it the Purring Kitten after I kill you.”
Chiya sighed, “Oh, okay. That makes me feel much better…”
Rose and Chiya both gasped as Seppuku kicked open the door loudly, Chiya got up on her rear with her teeth gritted. She sighed and rubbed the back of her head. “You’d think after a year of living here that I’d have gotten’ used to that…”
Rose shrugged, “Eh, Blaskovitz does that to m-”
“Flower, your little package arrived.”
Chiya gasped loudly and somehow leapt right off the bed in front of him--landing perfectly on her feet, “Really?! Already?”
Seppuku sat a fairly large package down next to Chiya--a Korean flag was stamped on the side of it. Rose began to squirm constantly.
“What is it? I want to see!”
The two disregarded her request, Chiya got down on the package and puckered her lips, “Oh boy, oh boy!”
“What’s in the box, Flower?”
Chiya smiled at him and shook negatively, “Not yet, I’ll show you all later on. How about after Earl finishes his work on-”
She widened her eyes and grunted, instantly silenced. Seppuku raised an eyebrow at her. Chiya sat down on the floor and let out a heavy sigh. “Oh no…”
Chiya crossed her legs while on the floor with a destroyed look, “I was supposed to help Earl all night, instead I fell asleep like a baby…” She held her face and groaned, “I- I wanted to help so badly, relieve some stress…”
“No need!”
Chiya gasped and looked past Seppuku, Earl was leaning against the door with a grin.
“Earl, y- you-”
“Bloody Hell! Take this God forsaken blindfold off my head! This all sounds exciting and I want to see!”
Chiya sighed and looked back at her, “Okay, fine…”
Chiya got up and brought the blindfold off of her face, Rose blinked a few times and exhaled happily. “Finally, my eyes can breathe…”
Rose moved her eyes left and found Chiya’s extremely joyful smile up against her face. She cringed and scooted away from Chiya. “Get your pig face away from me!”
Chiya let out a long gasp and stepped away from the bed, “Pig face!?”
“Yeah, play in the mud little piggy Chiya.”
Chiya stomped her foot down, “Are you implying that I’m fat!?”
Rose smirked at her, “Well, if you compare us--it’s clear who has the superior body…” She chuckled and poked her own breasts, “Also, your bra size is kinda’ wimpy.”
“M- my bra size!?”
Earl got a perverse grin and began to chuckle, “U--uh…”
“Yeah, your boobs are a lot smaller than mine.”
“Wha- what!?”
Earl chuckled and walked towards the two, “Girls, girls, girls…” The two were still in a stare off of fury. Earl chuckled and waved his hands at the two, “Let me get the good news off my che-”
“In a minute Earl!” shouted Chiya.
Rose puckered her lips and shrugged with pride, “Well face it, your boyfriend stuffs you with ice cream all the time--of course you’ve gained a few.”
Earl cleared his throat, “Okay, really now girls. Let’s calm down, I want to-”
“That’s it. Earl, get the tape measure,” Chiya instructed.

About three minutes later, Chiya and Rose stood side-to-side while Earl measured the two. Earl had his tongue stuck out as he did so. Seppuku was still in the room, but was shaking his head in disappointment.
“What the Hell are we even doing right now..?” he muttered aloud.
Earl lifted Chiya’s shirt up slightly and wrapped the measure around her stomach, he hummed as he brought the measure back to her belly button. He let go of her shirt and did the same for Rose. Chiya angrily puckered her lips and observed Earl as he measured. She growled momentarily.
“Come on Earl! Stop staring at her belly button, mine is more cute!”
Rose smirked at her, “I have the cuter belly button, Chiya.”
“No, you don’t!”
“Yep, I do.”
“Earl!” Earl sighed and looked up at Chiya. She had sharp eyes that in any form of media would be portrayed as a bright flame. “Who has the cuter belly button!?”
Rose chuckled, “Actually, it’s a proven fact that tubbies have cuter belly buttons, so you probably do win that one.”
Seppuku groaned loudly, “Oh my God! Shut the Hell up already!”
Chiya narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms, “I have the cuter-”
“Uh, sorry to say Chiya, bu---ut…” Chiya gasped and looked down at Earl, he shrugged with a grin, “She does have a more slim body than you.”
“Ha!” both Seppuku and Rose gloated.
Chiya gasped and took a step back, “But that’s impossible!”
Earl chuckled, “Eh, relax. I’d guess she’s only about three or four pounds lighter than you. Besides, she does get starved after all.”
Chiya sighed and nodded, “I’m sorry, Earl…”
Earl poked her belly button and chuckled, “I wouldn’t care if you were over two hundred. Chiya is Chiya in my eyes.”
“But if she was over two-fifty you wouldn’t like her, right?” asked Rose.
Seppuku stood up and clapped his hands together, “Alright fatass, what’s in the box?”
“Wait! We still need to compare boobies!” Rose argued.
Earl rubbed his chin and smirked, Seppuku stomped his foot down, “We’re wasting time!”
Earl nodded, “Yeah, come on. We need to head off to the garage.”
Earl turned around before leaving and pointed at Rose, “Stay here Rose.”
She rolled her eyes and sighed, “Wasn’t planning on it…” she said as she lay still on the bed.

The three entered the garage together, Earl led the two with his arms folded behind his back. Chiya smiled at the back of his head. He looks pretty optimistic, something must’ve went right… Earl stopped in front of the Red Dove and held his hand out.
“Your machine is now A-A-A.”
Seppuku smirked at him and nodded approvingly, “Couldn’t get something like S-S-S?”
Chiya puckered her lips and giggled, “-or A-S-S?”
Earl leaned against his workbench and stretched his arms out, “Now, I’ll warn you. These engines are not designed for such capability--let alone as a class-B engine…”
“So what are the chances of this exploding?” asked Seppuku.
“Honestly, not sure. I think you should be fine as long as we’re talking along the lines of one race, afterwards we revert back to class-B.”
“So the engine is class-A now, that means I can set my maximum speed up more often?”
Earl nodded, “Your machine should be able to push it for now without overheating.”
Chiya rubbed her chin in amazement, she couldn’t remember much of the previous night--the last thing she could remember was when they were just starting to work on the engine. Did I actually help at all..?
“It should boost you for an extra two seconds without consuming more than the average amount of energy.”
“-and the combat module?”
“Energized and more secured--you could probably flip over one of my old tanks with this thing.”
“-or a cloned skull head…” Earl nodded at him, Seppuku grinned, “Well done, Bendek.”
Chiya crossed her arms together, “What about my machine?”
“Class-A engine, but I’ve yet to work on the other parts.”
Seppuku patted Earl’s back and chuckled, “Well how about Bendek’s reward?”
Chiya put her feet together and nodded, “After the Purring Kitten.”
Earl snapped his fingers and smirked, “Okay, alright…”
“That’s cold, Flower…”
Chiya shook negatively with a grin, “Well, now he should have a reason to work quickly.”
Earl smirked and rubbed his head, “Ye---eah, but come on. Do you have any idea how long it takes to tighten up a combat module?”
Chiya smiled at him and bowed, “Well, how about you show me then.”
Earl smiled at her and nodded, “Thank you…”
Seppuku face  palmed and sighed, “Oh for God sakes, what has happened to my organization? It’s all lovey dovey now…”
Chiya puckered her lips and lowered her eyelids at Seppuku, “Jealous?”
Seppuku turned towards her with a grin before leaving the garage, “Yeah, well; I’m sure Fiona had a fun time cleaning up those bed sheets after I left.”
Chiya gasped and covered her ears, “Shut u----up!”

Seppuku forced Rose down on his chair behind his desk. Rose’s eyes were quivering in fear, wondering what Seppuku wanted from her. Seppuku growled at the back of her head and got a tight grip on her shoulders.
“U- uh, remember S- Seppuku! I can be saved, no need to kill me!”
“Shut up.”
Rose dipped her head down and swallowed, “Okay…”
She raised an eyebrow at Seppuku’s hand as he dialed a number on his phone, he put it on speaker right away and cleared his throat. Rose began to tremble slightly, wondering who he was calling. The phone rang for several moments, but then stopped.
“Galactic Federation Headquarters, Jody Summer speaking.”
Rose grunted loudly and began to squirm, Seppuku tightened his grip on her shoulders, “Go on, apologize to the bat…”
Rose gasped, “W- what?”
“Is this the Lieutenant..?” asked Jody.
“Yes, I have someone here who wants to apologize to you…”
Rose whipped her head forward and hissed, “Lies! I don’t want to apologize!”
Seppuku wrapped his fingers around Rose’s throat and pushed in roughly, “How about now?”
“N- no!”
“Seppuku! What are you doing to Chiya!?”
“Say you’re sorry to Jody, or I’ll break your puny neck.”
Rose gasped loudly and shook negatively, “I- I’m sorry!”
Rose growled at Seppuku, “I’m sorry for throwing my knife at you…”
Seppuku let go and nodded, “Good job, you did good.”
“Wait, is that Dark Rose!?”
“Yes, she just wanted to say that she’s sorry for-”
Jody then hung up on him. Seppuku quirked his mouth and growled, “How dare she…”
Rose sighed and looked back up at him, “Anyone else you need me to apologize to..?”
“Yeah, me!”
Rose grunted loudly and glared at him, “What the Hell for!?”
Seppuku leaned against his desk and hummed, “Let’s see…” He snapped his fingers and grinned, “You stabbed me in the hand when we first met, blew a big hole in my ceiling that took a few hours to fix, and broke my favorite rifle. Oh, and I want you to apologize for existing in the first place.”
“Rose, you don’t wanna’ backtalk to me. That’s a very bad idea…”
Rose took a long sigh and closed her eyes, “I’m -”

“Woah!”  Earl shouted as he jumped back.
Chiya fell down onto the floor with a completely sent back look. The Purring Kitten’s combat module had just released a blinding flash upon testing it. Earl and Chiya looked at each other and grunted.
“I- is that bad?”
Earl stepped back up on the machine and pressed the attack button again--the entire garage flashed upon doing this. Both appeared startled by this. The flash that was made from an attack was much dimmer than this--this was almost like a flash bang.
“Is my machine okay!?”
Earl widened his eyes and grunted, “Wait a minute…”
He got back down on the floor and looked through the machine, staring intensely at the combat module. It was glowing red and was spinning at an incredible rate. He rubbed his chin and began to chuckle.
“This combat module was from the original Stalin’s Might machine…” Earl nodded and snapped his fingers, “Good God! I know what this is!”
“What!” she asked in a panicked tone.
Earl beamed at her, “Don’t you get it? The Stalin’s Might was a hover bike. That thing needed one tough combat module if it were to do anything against an F-Zero machine.” Earl held his hand up in the air with pride and chuckled, “Don’t you see? All this time I thought we had a class-C combat module, but we’ve always had a class-A! That’s why you have such an easy time damaging your opponents!”
Chiya gasped, “But wait, we just adjusted it, doesn’t that-”
“Yep! Congratulations Chiya, the Purring Kitten is now A-A-S.”
Chiya gasped loudly and shook in disbelief, “I have a class-S combat module!?”
“Only for this race though, we don’t want to always work with a maximally tuned part--or it may break.” Earl let out a loud whistle and stomped his foot down, “What we have here, is a real lightning striker. Your enemies won’t know what hit them with this huge flash!”
Chiya sent herself into Earl and tightly hugged him, “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m going to win the Grand Prix!”
Earl grunted as she tightly squeezed the oxygen right out of him, “O- okay, n- no problem!” Chiya continued to squeeze even more tightly. Earl let out a heavy grunt, “H- hurting, hurting!”
Chiya let go of him and clapped her hands, “This is it! My life has led up to the moment where I’ll be bringing home a golden trophy. By Friday night, we’ll officially be billionaires!”
Earl smirked, “Until you spend a single credit, in which case we become millionaires.”
Chiya punched his arm and lowered her eyebrows, “Okay Earl Buzzkill.”
Earl frowned and sighed, “Buzzkill, buzz--getting buzzed…”
“Oh, come on. It’s been so long since you’ve had beer.”
“-and I’ve never wanted it more than I do now…”
Earl nodded and grabbed her hand, “Let’s go tell Seppuku the good news.”

Rose was still sitting in Seppuku’s chair with her eyelids lowered, she had a look of non-amusement on her face. Seppuku pointed at the screen of his computer while chuckling, “Wait, wait, here it comes!”
It was old leaked footage of Seppuku on a Federation mission, he was pinning down several unarmed criminals with an assault rifle. Rose sighed.
“Watch his head, watch his head, watch his-”
Rose gasped very loudly and covered her mouth with a look of disgust, “A-------aw! Sick!”
Seppuku began to laugh very loudly, “I capped his ass! Did you see his brains fly out!?”
Rose closed her eyes and began to struggle, “Yes! There was blood everywhere! Please stop!”
“Wait hold on, I saw off that guy’s forehead in a minute, you gotta’ see that part.”
Chiya and Earl ran into his office at that moment gleefully. Seppuku looked up and quirked his mouth at the two. Chiya came to a quick stop and got a confused look, “What are you two doing?”
“Please help me!” Rose pleaded.
“Showing her some badass footage of me killing.”
Earl stepped in front of Seppuku with a prideful smile, “We did it Seppuku, Red Dove is A-A-A, Purring Kitten is A-A-S.”
Seppuku gasped and slammed his fist down, “What the Hell! Why isn’t mine A-A-S!?”
Earl grunted and dropped his arms down, “W- well, because Chiya already had a class-A combat module.”
Chiya smiled and nodded affirmatively at this, Seppuku began to tremble furiously, “No, I’m sure that it’s because you care so much about Chiya and you want to make sure she beats me!”
Earl and Chiya both gasped. Chiya got an offended look, “W- who cares if I win! Money is money, we get to share it!”
Seppuku shook negatively, “Really. Don’t you mean take it all and leave the organization?”
Chiya gasped loudly and dipped her head down. Earl looked back at her and grunted in shock, he then sighed and face palmed. Seppuku shook negatively at the two, “Thought so.”
“No, we won’t. We haven’t stopped Black Shadow yet.”
Seppuku shook negatively, “Oh please, you don’t care about that.”
Earl shook his fist at Seppuku, “Hey lay off man, we’re a team here!”
“That is planning on leaving me…”
The room went silent, everyone now had a brief moment of tension between one another. Rose looked back and forth at the three and began to chuckle.
“A little disorganized, are we?”
Chiya shook negatively, “No, you’re just gonna’ have to trust us here man. Besides, if you marry Mom, I’m certainly not leaving.”
Seppuku sighed loudly and face palmed. He tapped his fingers down a few times and quirked his mouth. Rose stared at him with an evil smirk. Seppuku looked back up at her and nodded, “Make a solid promise to me that you’re not leaving, and I’ll accept this.”
Earl glanced over at Chiya for a moment. Chiya lowered her eyebrows nervously, but began walking towards his desk none-the-less. Chiya put her hand down on the desk and held her hand up in the air.
“I promise, that I will not leave the organization without a one year warning.”
“Year warning?”
Chiya nodded, “If I want to leave, I have to stay in the organization for one more year from the day I establish that I’m leaving. Unless you allow me to leave early.”
Earl had a look of discontent at this promise. If the two did end up wanting to leave together, Chiya was basically promising that they would stay with Seppuku for another whole year. He found this to be far too long, but found himself wondering if Chiya was lying.
Seppuku nodded and put his hand on hers, “Good, I’ll accept those terms. I understand that you two may want to leave the organization and start a family eventually.”
Rose bounced up slightly with a perverse grin, “After Earl knocks her up.”
“S- shut up Rose!” shouted Chiya.
Seppuku laughed and crossed his arms, “You two, off to Lemming’s. Get all the information you can on Falcon’s role in our alliance, what to expect on this track, then head back. We leave for Vegas tomorrow.”
Rose raised an eyebrow at him, “What about me?”
Seppuku chuckled, “Unfortunately, you have to come along.”
Chiya smirked at her, “Yep.”
Rose sighed and closed her eyes. She then smiled and began to chuckle evilly, “You idiots, you don’t even know what we’re up to for this final race. You won’t be winning any time soon…”
Seppuku forced his hand around her throat, sending her into a frightened look, “Speak!”
Rose gritted her teeth and chuckled, “Fine, kill me. I’m not revealing this bit of information unless you untie me!”
“Then prepare to die!”
“Woah, woah, woah! Hold on Seppuku!” Chiya pleaded.
Seppuku looked at her angrily, “What! She has a secret she’s not telling us! She needs to pay!”
Chiya leaned over the desk and looked Rose in the eyes, “Rose, are you talking about a strategy to win, or something big?”
Rose began to laugh maniacally, “Oh, something big, something huge! Something that has never happened in Grand Prix history before!”
Chiya gave Seppuku a panicked look, he tightened his grasp on Rose--but she wasn’t squealing. She was truly prepared to die with the secret if necessary. Seppuku let go of her after realizing that threatening her wouldn’t do anything.
“We can’t let you go, make a better offer.”
“Nope, cut me loose--or I’m not telling. And you’ll lose the Grand Prix.”
Chiya grunted nervously, then growled, “Dammit, you guys are cheating, aren’t you?”
Rose smiled at her, “Yes, and no…”
Earl tapped his hand on the desk a few times, “What if I arrange a meeting with Excalibur, so he knows you’re alright. Then will you?”
“Nope, cut me free.”
Chiya groaned, “No, come on Rose! You’ll obviously just try killing us and escape if we do.”
Rose folded her arms and shook negatively, “Not true. I want to go with you guys either way.”
Everyone grunted loudly, Rose closed her eyes and chuckled. “I was gonna’ head off to Vegas either way. Might as well hitch a ride with you three, but I want my hands free so I can drive my own damn machine.”
Chiya gritted her teeth with a troubled look, Seppuku slammed his fist down, “It’s just a trick…”
Rose shrugged, “You could think that, but haven’t I been present at every race so far?”
“Yes,” answered Earl.
Rose chuckled, “So, why not? You can tie me up again after the race, how about that?”
Chiya narrowed her eyes at her, “…pinkie swear?”
Rose nodded and crossed pinkies with her, “Yeah, pinkie swear. You can tie me up right after the race. I actually kinda’ like it here.”
Seppuku sighed and shook his fist at her, “Okay, but I’m not untying you until we leave; and I’m keeping the barrel of my gun at your head at all times!”
Rose sighed, “Yeah, sure, that’s fine…”
Everyone then went silent, Seppuku looked up at his companions and nodded. “You two, off to the café. If what Rose is saying is true, we may have a bigger issue than we first thought.”
Chiya stared intensely at Rose. Her stare told Chiya that she spoke the truth about Dark Million’s secret plan, but she feared what it could be. Earl grabbed her hand and walked out the door.

A few minutes later, Chiya stopped the Purring Kitten in the café’s parking lot. Earl leapt off of the body and brushed his sleeves with a grin. Chiya powered off her machine and climbed out, an ecstatic smile on her face as she closed the cockpit. Earl let out a whistle and kicked his foot down on the ground.
“I could feel a major difference in speed, the Purring Kitten truly is ready for the final race.”
Chiya nodded, “Yeah, I did have the speed limited set up more—just to test it.”
Earl nodded as they walked towards the door, “Just be careful, we obviously can’t risk blowing something up before the race. But we have an entire year before you race again, so if something blows up afterwards—it’s fine.”
Chiya held the door open for him and frowned, “That’s right, I don’t get to race again for an entire year…”
The two walked towards the counter and sat in their usual seats. Earl brushed his hair and shrugged, “So I guess we’re not practicing in Red Canyon after all.”
Chiya sighed with a sad look, “I wanna’ keep racing…”
Earl held her hand and smiled, “How about this. You enter bet races, and I bet on you a few times.”
Chiya hummed and rubbed her chin, “That could work, just don’t spend every credit you have on me…”
“If you’re worried about that happening, Earl is the last person you want betting on you, Ms. Flower.”
Earl grunted and looked over the counter; Bart was now standing there cleaning a glass. “Wh- when did you-“
“Are you always cleaning glasses?” asked Chiya.
“So, Grand Prix isn’t even over and you two are already talking about post-season. I hope that doesn’t mean you’ve given up.”
Chiya gasped and shook negatively, “No! I’m in the top six, I can win!”
Earl nodded at her, then returned a serious stare to Bart, “Is Captain Falcon still helping Chiya?”
Bart smiled and nodded, “Captain Falcon’s gonna’ focus on Blood Falcon this time. As you can imagine, he doesn’t need any more money.”
Chiya puckered her lips doubtfully, “Are you sure?” Bart nodded affirmatively, “Good.”
“It’s good to stay optimistic, but just so you know; you do still have very slim chances of winning.” Chiya lowered her eyebrows fearfully, “Even if you take first, and Mighty Gazelle takes second—he still wins.”
Earl sighed and nodded, “Seppuku said he’s prepared to take Gazelle out, if faced with such a predicament.”
Bart got a stern look, “You know, doing so will reflect upon Ms. Flower as well—might affect her chances of gaining the model racer title.”
“Model racer. What do I need to do to get it?”
Bart smirked at her, “If you wanna’ steal the title from Captain Falcon, you’ll need to donate to charities and such.”
Chiya frowned, “But Bart, I’m poor.”
He raised an eyebrow at her, “Well what in the world did you do with the fundraised money you were given?”
Chiya and Earl both widened their eyes, Chiya whipped her head at him quickly, “Fundraised money?”
Bart slowly nodded with a puzzled look, “That day you came back from Black Shadow’s ship with all those cuts. People universe-wide pitched in and started fundraisers, remember?”
Earl let out a gasp and slapped his forehead, “That’s right! I can’t believe we forgot about-“
“Come on then, where do I find the money?”
“The bank should have it for you in your account.” He shook negatively at her, “Mind me asking, how is it you never noticed all of that money in your account?”
Chiya dipped her head down, “I ran out of money before and they said they were going to shut it down—so I kinda’ just gave up on it…”
Earl shook negatively and exhaled, “Okay, well, that’s amazing and all, but we’re here for an actual reason.” Bart crossed his arms and nodded, “We need a rundown of-“
Bart flipped over a whiteboard, revealing a drawn out map of the Las Vegas track.
“Ah, of course…” muttered Earl.

Rose was still sitting in Seppuku’s chair, and he was once again showing her various things on his computer. Seppuku had pulled up various photos of himself that the F-Zero committee had taken during the Grand Prix.
“Oh man, look at that one! They really captured my good side...”
Rose lowered her eyebrows and sighed, “It’d be nice if you were smiling in any of these.”
“Don’t be an idiot. Smiling is stupid.”
Rose rolled her eyes and sighed again. All peace and tranquility was suddenly disrupted as Jody Summer kicked open the door. Jody had a furious look on her face and was panting from running. Rose gasped and looked back at Seppuku with a panicked look.
“Seppuku!” Jody shouted angrily.
“Seppuku!” Rose pleaded for protection.
“Well if it isn’t the draculina of the night...”
Both Seppuku and Rose gasped as Jody forced the barrel of her handgun to her forehead. Jody cocked the gun and narrowed her eyes at Seppuku. “Harboring criminals--you can only stoop so low...”
Seppuku chuckled, “Oh, believe me. I can stoop much lower than this.” Seppuku placed his finger on her gun and lowered it down to Rose’s nose, “But jokes aside, you can’t kill her. You see, she apologized to you, so we’re cool.”
Jody gasped and glared at him, “W- what!? She stabbed me!”
“-and she apologized for it.”
“What the Hell! This isn’t the man I fired!”
“-and you weren’t invited here, mind telling me how you broke into my base when it has a high-tech security system?”
“I didn’t come through the door—your garage door was left wide open.”
Seppuku face palmed and shook negatively, “...idiots...”
Jody held her gun up at Rose’s forehead again and growled, “Well whatever the case, thank you for already tying her up—now we’re one step closer to stopping Black-“
Seppuku lowered her gun again and shook negatively, “How is killing her going to help you find Black Shadow? Idiot.”
“It won’t, but by killing her—the German people will feel safe from another attack, Black Shadow will be minus one minion, and I will have my revenge...”
“You really are stupid Jody, clearly we know what we’re doing with her—but you just want to kill her like some barbarian.” Jody grunted, Seppuku grinned and began to chuckle, “I guess I’m finally rubbing off on you, huh.”
Jody looked into Rose’s scared eyes and lowered her eyebrows. Rose was for the most part left speechless; Jody grumbled and looked back up at Seppuku. “What do you mean? What are you doing with her?”
“Well, we’re mainly trying to set her free from Black Shadow’s ruling—but only because the girl wants us to...” He patted his hand on Rose’s head and chuckled, “As long as we have her here, we have a chance to extract information from her—like where Black Shadow is hiding, and what he is planning.”
Jody grinded her teeth at him and growled, “Alright, new plan.” She grabbed Rose and held her over her shoulder. Seppuku got a hostile look and grabbed Rose’s foot in response. “The Federation will be intervening in this, thank you for voluntarily handing her over to us.”
“I don’t think so!”
Jody gasped as Seppuku easily yanked Rose out of her arms with amazing strength, putting her over his shoulder instead. Rose grunted and lowered her eyebrows at her handling. Jody stomped her foot down and grabbed Rose’s arm.
“You don’t get a say in the matter! She’s a criminal and is in our jurisdiction!”
Jody attempted to pull Rose away from him, but was now fighting over her with Seppuku. Rose was panicking as she looked down, she was only being held by the arms and legs.
“O- okay guys, just set me down and-“
The two began to tug on her violently. Seppuku grinded his teeth back at Jody, “You’re not taking her with you, not without a fight!”
Jody sarcastically laughed at him, “What, fight me? Are you trying to land your ass in prison?”
Seppuku shook negatively, “No, but I’d gladly kick your ass.”
Jody stomped her foot down and tugged very roughly, “-and as a result, your ass will be in prison!”
“U- uh, can we stop talking about butts now?” Rose panicked softly.
Seppuku took a powerful tug and successfully pulled her back towards him; however, Seppuku was holding her by the legs, so she hit her chin on the ground roughly.
“Seppuku! Hand her over or I’ll-“
“If you knew anything about the rules! You’d know that you only have a proper warrant on known life forms that commit crimes!” Jody narrowed her eyes at him, but had an intrigued look, “Dark Rose is not a known life form—she is a clone, therefore not human.”
Seppuku dropped Rose onto the floor roughly.
“What the Hell man!”
Seppuku brushed his arms and growled, “Unless you get a custom made warrant from High Command—you are illegally kidnapping, not arresting.”
Jody grunted and rubbed the back of her head, “Okay, but no one is going to actually consider the fact that she isn’t really a human...”
Seppuku grinned at her, “I’ll take you to court.”
Jody flailed her hands in the air and growled in disgust, “Oh for God sakes!” she pointed at Seppuku and glared, “Fine! But only if you allow me to make a statement to the public that Rose is under containment right now. That way people can stop worrying about another incidence like in Berlin!”
Seppuku swished his hand at her, “Whatever, fine.”
Jody crossed her arms and nodded, “You have mere days before I return for her though, I will be fabricating this warrant, and she will face proper trial!”
“Yeah, okay Jody, now run along.”
Jody glowed red in fury and shook her fist at him, “U- unbelievable!” she spat out as she walked away.

“In addition to the landmines set up at the half way point, you need to keep your eyes off of the flashing lights Las Vegas has.” Bart looked back at Chiya with a serious look, “If you become distracted by those flashy lights—you’ll crash, maybe even run into a landmine.”
Chiya put her finger over her lip, “What’s so appealing about the lights?”
Bart smirked, “It’s not like Mute City—it’s a gambler’s paradise.”
“True,” said Earl.
“This track looks big…” muttered Chiya.
“It certainly is, and just like Aeropolis—this track has many long stretches for the sole purpose of combating one another.” Bart looked deeply into Chiya’s eyes, “Dark Million will certainly take up the opportunity to strike you here.”
Chiya grunted and bit her finger nervously, “W- well, won’t Captain Falcon protect me from Blood Falcon?”
Bart nodded, “He’ll certainly try. But even Captain Falcon struggles to keep up with his enemies.”
Chiya slammed her fists down and gritted her teeth, “Oh, hush Bart. Captain Falcon is amazing, he can literally do anything.”
Bart grinned at her and nodded, then turned towards the whiteboard. “Let’s review.”
Bart pointed at a line that represented the starting line, “You start here and drive forward a bit. The first restoration pad is immediately to the right, boost pad right up ahead. You make a sharp turn left, then right—this is where a machine with grip will be dominant. You move up a fairly long stretch, and then make another sharp right turn around a few skyscrapers.”
“Wait, don’t they fear that we’ll crash into these?”
“No, not really. Anyways.” Bart ran his finger up a long stretch, “This is your first combat zone, I best recommend you use this opportunity to boost whenever you have the opportunity. There is one boost pad to the right side of this stretch until you hit the end. You make a left turn here, and make two large jumps—so you need to be have the airbrakes ready.”
“T- two jumps?”
Bart nodded, “You jump, land, jump, and land. This will take you into the minefield. There are a total of twenty mines set up on each side of the track—this is another long stretch.”
Bart slammed his hand down very loudly and glared at Chiya, “If you’re being rammed in this area. Stop or boost. Don’t challenge the racer no matter who it is, because if they successfully push you to the side, you will die.”
Chiya gasped, “Wait, wait, wait. I can die here!?”
Earl put his hand on her shoulder, “Chi’, the risk of dying in F-Zero is always present.”
Chiya had an overly disturbed look on her face, but nodded none-the-less. “You get through this minefield and go up a large slope, which will then turn into a divided lane—like on the Lightning track. The key thing to remember, the left lane will lead you into a restoration pad, the right lane takes you to a boost pad. You cannot forget this.”
Chiya gave Earl a panicked look, he chuckled and grinned at her, “I’ll keep track of that for you.”
“The two lanes merge again, and just like that you enter one more large stretch—there’s a strip of landmines going down the center, so be careful. In a way, this makes it a divided lane as well.” Bart swiftly moved his finger up the track back to the starting line, “Ms. Flower, this is your final race. Thoughts?”
Chiya had a nervous smile on her face and pointed upward, “Yeah, do I have to race with a cocked gun at my head too?”
“Not this time.” Chiya widened her eyes and gasped, “Just kidding, it’s actually not that bad. Your biggest concern should be the racers trying to take you out.”
She rubbed her chin and nodded with a troubled look, “I guess…”
Earl smirked and put his hand under her chin, “Don’t worry, this isn’t nearly as bad as the time trial you did to get your license. The key here is just to stay concentrated.”
Chiya closed her eyes and smiled, “You guys are right, I just need to keep my chin up and see this through til’ the end.”
Bart grinned and nodded, “Even if Gazelle ends up winning, nothing’s stopping you from bringing home a bronze or silver trophy. The prestige that comes with it some could say is just as valuable as the prize money.”
Chiya lowered her eyelids and shrugged, “Whatever that means. But yeah! I want a trophy!”
Bart flipped over the whiteboard and leaned over the counter, “So you leaving Mute City soon?”
Earl kissed Chiya on the cheek and nodded, she got a surprised look on her face and smiled back at him. “Tomorrow.”
Bart grinned at the two, “You know, I really love seeing you two as a couple at last.”
Earl grunted and glanced away from Bart. Chiya giggled and forced their cheeks together, “Yep! It was destiny!”
She continued to rub her cheek against his with a smile, Earl had a somewhat uncomfortable look. “Yeah…”
Bart chuckled and crossed his arms, “See, Chiya liked you Earl, if you would’ve just listened to me you woulda’ had her months ago.”
Chiya punched his arm and puckered her lips, “Or if he wouldn’t have pussed out of the kiss that one night.”
Earl grunted loudly and pushed Chiya away from him, “Hey! I tried kissing you nearly a year ago and you slapped me across the face!”
Chiya closed her eyes and shrugged, “I was caught off guard.”
Earl smirked, “As was I that one night.”
Bart grinned and nodded respectively at the two, “I’ve seen many great relationships in this café, but I find yours most fitting.”
Earl crossed his arms together and chuckled, “I guess I was just a bit blinded, I really was looking for a legitimate relationship all this time--I just didn’t know it.” He looked down at his hands and sighed, “I deeply regret the fact that my first kiss couldn’t have been with Chiya though. But I deserve to have missed out on this, for having played all those other poor women.”
Chiya frowned at him, then smiled, “Okay, yeah. But I’ve been your first for many other things.” Earl raised an eyebrow at her, Bart grunted and rubbed the back of his head. Chiya held his hands and puckered her lips, “Snuggling?”
Earl smirked and tilted his head, “First.”
Breast massage?”
“Fi- hey!”
Chiya began to laugh wildly at this. Bart’s eyebrow was twitching as he looked around the café, Earl had a red face and face palmed. Bart exhaled and shook negatively, “It’s times like this I’m lucky to get such little business in here…”
Earl stood up and chuckled, “Alright, let’s go Chiya.”
Bart grunted and held his hand out, “H- hey wait a minute!” Chiya and Earl turned around, Bart frowned, “Why don’t you guys ever want coffee?”
Chiya rolled her eyes and grunted, “Um---m, we’re just-”
“Bart, your coffee is terrible. No offense.”
Bart gasped and drooped his arms, “Wh- what do you mean?”
Earl held the door open for Chiya and grinned, “I didn’t wanna’ tell you before, but yeah, you can go get better coffee at the supermarket.” He smiled and waved farewell to Bart, “So good luck on that, see’ya Bart.”
Earl closed the door and left for the Purring Kitten with Chiya. Bart narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms. He sarcastically chuckled and shook negatively, “Get Captain Falcon down here to Falcon Kick your ass…” He looked down at the cup of coffee he prepared for Earl and raised an eyebrow. He drank out of it but immediately widened his eyes, he swallowed and exhaled loudly. “Oh good lord!”
He poured the coffee down the drain and chuckled, “No wonder I hardly get any customers…”

Chiya, Earl, Seppuku, and Dark Rose later went walking down the hallway of the base together. Seppuku was holding Rose over his shoulder. Chiya had a very excited look on her face, practically skipping. Earl grinned at her and rubbed the back of his head.
“Come on Chi’, I don’t like surprises.”
She puckered her lips and leapt towards her door, she pointed at him and shook negatively, “Sorry, I do!”
Seppuku put Rose against Earl’s door, facing Chiya’s bedroom. Seppuku crossed his arms and quirked his mouth, “Whatever this is, it was too expensive.”
Earl nodded in agreement, “Yeah, I’m reluctant to spend all that money on you--but really Chiya, I hope this present wasn’t a new spectacular wrench or something.”
Chiya was turning the doorknob, then lowered her head and grunted. She looked back at Earl and fake chuckled. “Um------m, d- don’t look inside of your workbench…”
“Just don’t!” she shouted back at him. Everyone widened their eyes at her, Chiya puckered her lips and pointed at them, “Okay, no peeking! I’m super serious you guys…”
Earl nodded at her. Seppuku shook negatively, “You have three minutes.”
Chiya nodded and entered her room, locking it behind her. The three remained silent for a few moments, but Mauser had then walked in from the bathroom and stopped in front of Rose. Rose gasped as she looked down at Mauser.
“My goodness! You’re not the little kitty I remember…”
Earl looked back and grinned, “Yeah, he was so little when we first got him.”
“His name was Death Striker--but apparently he doesn’t like that name. So I’ll just call him by his stupid Chiya name.”
Earl rubbed his chin for a few moments, then shook negatively, “I think Mauser is a cute name.”
Rose nodded in agreement, “Wish I had my own kitty again…”
Seppuku laughed loudly, “Black Shadow adopting a cat, that would make a good comedy. Maybe a dog, but certainly not a cat.”
Rose nodded once more, “You know, I always thought you and Black Shadow had some similarities.”
“Me and Shadow?”
“Yeah, even your skin is similar.”
Seppuku cleared his throat and shook negatively at her, “We look nothing alike.”
“Nah, you look more like Bart Lemming,” said Earl.
Rose and Earl stared at Seppuku for a few moments, Earl hummed and rubbed his chin. “Yeah, come to think of it. Do you have a double chin like Bart? I’ve never seen you without your scarf covering your chin.”
Seppuku grinded his teeth angrily, “I have a magnificent chin.”
Rose puckered her lips, “Can I see?”
Rose frowned and dipped her head. Earl smirked at him and shook negatively, “You ever going to get a haircut?”
“Sure, maybe, I don’t know.”
Earl chuckled at him and put his hands in his coat pockets, “You’ll have some pretty luxurious hair soon.”
Seppuku removed his hat and brushed his hair with a smirk, “It’s not already luxurious?”
Earl lowered his eyebrows, but Rose was making consistent grunts. The two looked down at her, she had a very distracted look on her face, practically drooling. “I- it’s so magnificent…”
Seppuku smirked and put his hat back on, “Damn right it is.”
The doorknob then began to turn, everyone looked at the door, the mystery of Chiya’s gift about to be unveiled. Seppuku stepped behind Earl, since it was apparently a present for him and Chiya.
“Rea-----ady----y!” Chiya sang.
Everyone grunted at the sight of a shiny blue boot step out of the door. Chiya stepped out of her room back out into the hallway, she did a pose and smirked. Everyone was left shell-shocked at what they were seeing. Earl’s jaw dropped as he couldn’t block any of his taken back grunts. His pupils decreased in size as he looked up and down constantly.
“Oh my…”
Chiya had a prideful smirk on her face, now wearing the blue stock hat Earl had bought her on Aeropolis. She was in a full shiny black racing suit with blue trimming and shoulder pads, blue tipless racing gloves, a red scarf, her cat belt, and some blue boots. Seppuku let out a loud whistle and stepped up next to Earl, who was completely frozen in amazement. Chiya got in another pose and got another prideful smirk on her face. Her breasts were perky, her rear was somewhat sticking out more, and she had the appearance of a supermodel.
“Oh my God…” Earl muttered.
“So, do you like it?”
Earl pointed at her and began to tremble with a smile that was practically drooling, “Y- you- you- you look- wow I just- oh my God…”
Seppuku chuckled and punched Earl’s arm, “Keep it in your pants sailor.”
Chiya spun around and held her clenched fist in the air, revealing her backside. She stared at Earl with a look of determination. Earl couldn’t help himself, he found himself looking down at her rear. He swallowed and looked back up at her.
“I- I’m only just realizing the significance of having an F-Zero girlfriend…”
Chiya began to laugh and rubbed her forehead as she turned around. Seppuku got up next to her and stood beside her with a grin, “Nice scarf.”
Chiya flapped her red scarf around and smiled, “Well, admittedly, I picked this one out because of you. Let red scarves represent Lieutenant Seppuku and his invincible organization!”
Seppuku chuckled and gave her a thumbs up, “atta’ girl!”
Earl got up next to her and rubbed her shoulder in awe, “Chiya, you might be the hottest person I’ve ever seen in my entire life…”
Chiya smiled at him and nodded, “Well, it was well worth the price--and it’s a Korean suit!”
Rose quirked her mouth and narrowed her eyes, “Whatever, I’d look more hot in it…”
Chiya wrapped her arms around Earl and spun with him in circles, her boots were slick enough that she could do perfect sliding. Earl and Chiya were looking into each others eyes as they spun together. Seppuku dropped his smile and quirked his mouth.
“W- what are you two even doing?”
Earl got a tight grip on Chiya and lowered her down to the floor more, he grinned at her as he continued looking into her eyes. She smiled and puckered her lips a few times. Earl moved in to her face and momentarily made contact with her lips--but before he could fully lock lips with her, Seppuku forced his finger in-between them. Chiya and Earl both grunted, just nearly having a great fitting moment. They moved away from each others faces and looked up at Seppuku, who was now grinning.
“No, you really want a dramatic kiss?”
Chiya blushed and looked into Earl’s eyes again, “Okay…”
Seppuku brought the two back up onto their feet and patted their backs, “Win the Grand Prix, it’ll be a moment you two will remember until the day you die.”
Chiya grunted and blinked a few times at Seppuku, she then lowered her eyebrows and grinned, “Seppuku claims to know about love, eh?”
Seppuku chuckled and nodded, “Well, I’ve been around the block…”
Chiya stepped away from the two and stretched in her new racer uniform, she chuckled and stood still looking down the hallway. The only person who wasn’t overjoyed by this was Dark Rose. Seppuku and Earl looked back at Chiya, both with smiles.
Chiya didn’t respond right away, she held her fist in the air and momentarily spun back around.
“Righty’oh’ then…” She pointed at the two and beamed greatly, “Let’s finish this! Team Seppuku is bringing home the gold!”
-and with that being said, Seppuku’s organization prepared to depart for North America.

The final race was almost here at last, and Chiya had finally become the professional racer she set out to become.

To be continued!

Their days thin, the final race to the Grand Prix is near, and now they must tend to Dark Rose like a spoiled child that needs a family... Did Chiya and Earl succeed in making all rank-A machines? Or did something go terribly wrong..?
Lap 72:…
Lap 74:…
Story contains violence, language anywhere below the "F" word, slight sexual themes.

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Chiya's new outfit is pretty awesome, yet hardcore.

That bit with Jody and Seppuku clearly shows that Jody is a tantrum child, and I would not be surprised if she has to be reevaluated anytime soon.

And the final race is coming up, with all the anticipation at store. At last, the race will finish with the bang it was meant to have! I should hope that Chiya gives it her all! I also think Black Shadow has one last card to play.

Siontix Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
- to be fair - Jody did get stabbed by this person. XD
Royaleness Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2014

My God you can totally feel Part 2 wrapping up just by the ending of this chapter.


Rose is acting really strange lately... like yeah she is a prisoner of war, but she seems to be helping them almost at this point. Kinda excited to see what adventures the trio go through in America!

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