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Random from The Colorful World of Chiya Flower

I'll stick any commissions/gifts here for people to check out. :D


Story progress

This widget will soon be activated once more starting with the release of Chapter 10 for both EngelReise and Shrouded Piety. As of right now, it is not active, hence why it is displaying the prologues.


100% complete


Chapter -
Chapter cover -

Chapter description - In a land of honor, tradition, and respect; the Empire of Imperia finds itself at war with the horrendously powerful Swatslandic Empire, from Europe. The samurai fight to the last drop of blood to keep Swatslandic invaders from conquering their great land, but alas, sheer strength and superior technology decides each battle in favor of the Swatslandic armies. Forced to accept defeat, Imperia now finds itself serving their new European overlords. The farmers of Imperia are the true victims, as the Swatslandic crown dictates that any Imperian worker of agriculture may be seized and brought back to Swatsland to work under free labor. This is especially concerning for the Angel family, among which the youngest member of the family, Tomako Angel, finds her dream of prospering with a farm of her own threatened by the European invaders. This is the story of Tomako Angel, a farmer who's trained in horseback, destined to make a long journey to Europe.

Shrouded Piety

100% complete


Chapter -
Chapter cover -

Chapter description - Earth is under the strict control of 'The Potentate,' a rich businessman who found his way to power and eventually created the 'Great Consortium.' Under his wing, the mass population is converting to 'Potenism,' done through intimidation, influence, and/or genocide. The Potentate's plan for a unified society is threatened by a cocky and reckless Crimean woman going by the name of Suri Yaktosh, who for the most part keeps to herself, but is open in defying his will. Suri travels under the moon on a motorcycle and is said to possess immortality. She is tasked with the mission of stopping the annihilation of faith as a concept, namely by putting together an underground clan of religious fighters. The first step to any good organization is to seek out a leader. Suri happens to know just the guy that fits the bill. Unfortunately, Suri is surrounded by enemies, whether it be The Potentate's Great Consortium, or Selina Osiris' 'Reaper Four.' Suri has a road full of challenges ahead of her, but nothing will stop her. ...except perhaps the Miami Shark football...



I'll read and critique basically any kind of story you ask me to. Since I myself have a story I work very hard on with little reception, I would like to help people not be in that same position. Just to warn you though, I'm more of a writer than I am a reader--so don't expect me to comment on every single chapter.

* Must have 3 chapters minimum.
* Not an erotica. (But can contain sex/nudity, just not a story based solely on that.)
* Have a heart that won't shatter if I list a few complaints.
* Not "My Little Pony". (I'm sorry, I just.... no.)

Chiya Flower...

Let's Read series

Let's Read: Ultimate F-ZERO by Revivedracer209

Let's Play: Europa Universalis IV - Joseon Korea

What is an old gaming series (not F-Zero) that you would like to see revived? 

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Screenshot (546) by Siontix
Well, that's rather coincidental, now isn't it?
Alucard's Angel - Angel 2 by Siontix
Alucard's Angel - Angel 2
You know how it is when you say "I can't believe a year has passed already"? That's not the case with this one. I actually feel like it's been so very long since I found myself drawing the last one:
Alucard's Angel - Angel by Siontix

I guess forgive me for choosing the same character this time around--I just like Angel's appearance.

There's one thing I've long remembered about :iconangel-ofjustice:, and that's that she shares the same birthday as Rose Flower of F-Zero: Seppuku--the fan favorite character of the saga.
F-Zero: Seppuku - Three Years of Dark Rose by Siontix

For this reason, I find myself usually pacing myself to get both a drawing for Rose and Angel done in the same weekend. I suppose it's also ironic since one might support my notion that both Rose and Angel are respective Angels of Death

Speaking of Seppuku, Angel actually read through the first half of Part 1/3 recently; bet she's a bit floored by the horrendous quality of those Part 1/3 chapter illustrations. :D Trust me, Angel. They get better with every chapter.

So Angel (Hellsing) is the protagonist of the story 'Alucard's Angel.' There's always been something special about that story to me, and that is that I've long had a 'no fan fiction' policy when it comes to Hellsing--my all-time favorite anime. For some reason, though, Alucard's Angel got an exception and is the one and only Hellsing fan fiction I've allowed myself to look at. If I had to pick one Hellsing fan fiction to view, I'm glad it was this one.

Sorry that I'm kind of halfassing this description, it's about 2 AM in my region and I had a difficult day of college; so with that being said...

Happy Birthday, Angel!
F-Zero: Seppuku - Three Years of Dark Rose by Siontix
F-Zero: Seppuku - Three Years of Dark Rose
Indeed, it has been three years since I first designed the character Rose Flower--better known as 'Dark Rose.'
F-Zero: Seppuku 2/3 - Dark Rose by Siontix

For those who are not aware, Rose has been voted the fan favorite character of F-Zero: Seppuku on three separate occasions (she technically tied Chiya in the latest--but two Rose fans do not belong to Deviantart, otherwise it would've been a third victory.) Her character has often in the past been credited for being easy to relate to--more or less from those with somewhat dark backgrounds, such as abuse. Others have pledged support to her character due to the less 'Barbie Girl' style that her blood sister Chiya follows.

Some didn't much care for Rose.

Irregardless, it would seem that everybody liked Rose in Part 3/3 and the Seppuku Tales' Part 4/3 era. Where as Rose once glamoured over the idea of one day becoming a licensed F-Zero racer like Chiya, she instead ended up taking on the intelligent role of a philosophical writer. Readers--myself included--have come to be fond of her reprise with the writing and such; for this reason, it's a bit unfortunate that Rose hadn't as much opportunity to shine in Part 3/3--but as one might imagine, I could only incorporate her into Part 3/3 so much without it being a burden to those wanting to stay on track with the main plot.

I've already spoken in the past two anniversary deviations of the juiciest information about Rose; so if you haven't read them already, check out these:
-unless you haven't read F-Zero: Seppuku yet, in which case, you best not read any of these deviations due to spoilers.
F-Zero: Seppuku - One Year of Dark Rose by Siontix

Mature Content

F-Zero: Seppuku - Two Years of Dark Rose by Siontix

Of course, I do have bits to speak about. But first, I can at last reveal a major Rose artifact--if not the biggest.

Icuttoodeepthistimeseppuku by Siontix

"What the heck is that?" you may be asking. Believe it or not, that is what inspired the idea for Rose Flower.

Back in the summer of 2013--F-Zero: Seppuku had been revived and Part 1/3 had been completed. With the onset of Part 2/3, there was a lot of hype going around my group of friends; but it's also worth mentioning that we were still teenagers at the time, and as such, our immaturity tanks were still leaking. Along with a series of F-Zero: Seppuku memes--many often jokingly labeling Chiya as a Nazi--came this crude drawing of Chiya if she were emo. The drawing featured Chiya with black hair and an obviously not so happy demeanor. it was just a joke a friend had made, but coming out of the joke was something much bigger.

The end result was a concept drawing (see above) of Dark Rose--F-Zero: Seppuku's newest baddie. While Rose canonically did not cut herself or anything like that, the idea of Chiya being depressed--the exact opposite of who she is--was passed down to Rose in Part 2/3. And of course, given her position in Dark Million, I had to give her a more fitting attire than what was pictured in the joke drawing.

So, that's what birthed Rose, believe it or not. And just to reinstate: We were still teens at the time. I was 17, and my friend 16. We've long moved past such immaturity. Still, I guess in a strange way, if you like Rose, you do have to be thankful that the drawing was made. Were it not for that drawing, I'd have likely just skipped out on Rose's character entirely.

Alright, now for the annual set of questions, and I think I'll kick it off with the most obvious one:

1. Why have I started to call her 'Rose Flower' rather than 'Dark Rose'?

Nobody has actually brought this up with me, but I'm sure just about everyone has picked up on this. Indeed, as of this year, (literally 2016,) I completely stopped calling Rose 'Dark Rose.' Even in F-Zero: Seppuku she's most often called 'Dark Rose' only by her fellow Dark Million member/emperor; and that's just what it is--a Dark Million title. While the unedited laps of F-Zero: Seppuku beg to differ, you'll find that one of the changes I've been making is that only Dark Million addresses the character by the name Dark Rose; everybody else--including the narration--simply calls her 'Rose.' Some--or many--may disagree with this change, as it radically changes her character.

The fact of the matter is that the name Dark Rose could only work for Part 2/3, and even then does she honestly like being called Dark? She's already explained numerous times in Part 2/3 that, if she were to kill Chiya, she'd want to claim ownership of the name 'Chiya Flower.' That alone already establishes that Rose has no appreciation for her given name 'Dark Rose' or even 'Rose Flower.' With that being said, there's no way that in Part 3/3 or Part 4/3 she'd want to continue being called Dark Rose.

My reason for now calling her 'Rose Flower' is simply to appreciate her character in the entire F-Zero: Seppuku saga. By calling her 'Dark Rose,' one might be reminded of the malicious behavior she displayed in Part 2/3. By calling her 'Rose Flower,' one may include her book reading character into the mix--not at all malicious. It's kind of like Darth Vader in that way. Nobody calls Anakin 'Darth Vader' throughout the prequels--only when he's in the black armor and cape. A similar case could be made for Rose, but backwards. it'd be appropriate to call her 'Dark Rose' when referencing Part 2/3, as that is who she was--a servant of Black Shadow. But it just seems a little out of place to continue calling her Dark Rose anywhere else. As silly as it may be, I have chosen to call her 'Rose Flower' as a sign of respect, despite being a fictional character. Rose is not an evil character in Part 3/3, some may even argue that she isn't in Part 2/3. Henceforth, I'm going to treat her like any other character--with a name, not a title.

But don't take offense from this; I see no reason to stop calling her 'Dark Rose' if that is what you're used to. Being that I am a father of sorts to the character, I feel a special bond with my characters that nobody else could possibly have.

2. Is Selina Osiris the spiritual successor to Rose Flower?

Selina Osiris is a Frankish (Old French) Godcraft warrior in my latest work, Shrouded Piety. Her role in the story is to serve the ruler of France, and by extension, France itself; then in the modern era, undergoes a personal mission to stop Suri Yaktosh (the protagonist) from spreading zealotic chaos worldwide. Rose is an underling of Black Shadow and serves the Empire of Dark Million. Both characters are similar, yet different in many ways. Interestingly enough, fans of Rose have flocked to Selina Osiris for reasons I've not yet been able to answer. The correlation seems to be without mistake that some share similar feelings for Selina, as they did with Rose.

Is there logic behind this?

Yes, though not intentionally. My desire was not to create a successor to Rose when designing Selina Osiris, pieces simply fell into place where needed. Like Rose, Selina (at least in the Flashback Lore chapters) is bound to France like a slave; much like Rose is to Dark Million as a slave. Both are darker characters than that of their blonde rivals (Suri and Chiya are both blonde, if you haven't noticed.) And both are forbidden from loving due to specific reasons (Selina's reasons perhaps being more serious though.) So, I admit that Selina is the most likely spiritual successor to Rose for more reasons than I've actually listed here. At this point in time, I see no reason to change this.

3. Does Rose have a different appearance from Chiya?

Yes--and yes, I am speaking about Rose historically as well. Obviously, her character has undergone major appearance changes in the recent year, but even before that, back in 2013, there's always existed differences between Chiya and Rose facially. One could easily identify this with a little comparison between pictures.

Take this very drawing, for example. Just put it up against the classic 4th gen. drawing of Chiya I have up on my profile, and your eyes should pick out differences between the two other than their hair. This has always been intentional, for Rose is and always has been a genetic clone of Chiya; not an exact replica. By this, I mean, Rose is quite literally just the sister Chiya never had. If one were to put Abigail and Chiya side by side, you'd see differences between those two--because they are only genetically similar--siblings. The same case is with Rose. Rose is not an exact replica of Chiya, she is like an artificial sister. Her chin is longer and sharper, her body has always been thinner, she's actually shorter than Chiya as seen in certain chapter illustrations + Revival Day drawings, her breasts are a bit larger, her nose is a little more French--per se (I guess apply that to #2 if you want,) and her brows are a little thicker.

I mean, there is a reason Rose was/is sexually attracted to Chiya--because Chiya has a different appearance. Otherwise, it'd be like Rose wanting to do stuff to herself--and that's just odd.

4. Was Rose a Christian?

No. It can be suggested that, like Seppuku, Rose was turned into an atheist after ditching the Dark Million cult beliefs. This is especially evident by the fact that Rose attacked guards of the Papacy in Part 2/3 in order to reach Chiya and Earl. It probably goes without saying that no loyal Christian would attack guards of the Pope.

But at the same time, given the Red Dove and Inner Realm bits of the Seppuku Universe, it could also be possible that--like me--Rose went with:  philosophy + tolerance = agnostic. She'd certainly have nothing to gain from beating Chiya and Earl over their Catholic faith, and given the fact that Rose has witnessed the awakening of the Red Dove + lives in the Inner Realm, she could have possibly turned to the idea that there could be a greater power.

But that's deviating. The simple answer to the question is: No.

5. Did Earl and Rose fall in love past Part 3/3?

Yes--but to a lesser extent than with Chiya. As one would imagine, Chiya is the golden trophy that Earl holds onto throughout his life. That being said, given that Earl and Rose are together in the Inner Realm on a day to day basis, it was only inevitable that some post-Excalibur interaction would come between the two. But not in a way that has Earl cheating, per se. Any feelings of affection for Rose would have been peer-reviewed by Chiya first, and Chiya's ruling on the matter was that a love triangle can exist in the Inner Realm--but all interactions have to include her.

Thus, behind the scenes bed actions occur between Earl and Rose--but only with the insertion of Chiya. I would have to deny any claims that Earl and Rose do anything like kissing while out and about, as this is a form of passion that only Chiya and Earl could enjoy. So, the flattest way of putting it is that Earl and Rose have a lustful relationship with each other from time to time when with Chiya; outside of Chiya's attention, Earl and Rose would just sort of be best friends who occasionally becomes a little more when with their favorite blonde Mysterian.

But to reemphasize: Rose is no match when put against Chiya in terms of affection.

Anyways, Happy Birthday to Rose Flower!


Prologue: F-Zero - Seppuku 1/3 : Prologue
Story contains violence, language anywhere below the "F" word, sexual themes.

Disclaimer: I do not own F-Zero, all F-Zero titles are property of Nintendo. Most characters in F-Zero: Seppuku belong to Nintendo, (with the exception of Chiya Flower, Earl Bendek, and Lieutenant Seppuku.)

F-Zero: Seppuku - Purring Kittens by Siontix
F-Zero: Seppuku - Purring Kittens

Chiya and the Purring Kitten, plus five alternative colors.

Blue/white: The machine is a reference to a 199X Camaro that our family owned sometime before moving up to Central Wisconsin. Growing up the blue color and white stripes stuck to me as my favorite vehicle color scheme; were it not for the fact that the Purring Kitten had been established red/pink since 2012, I might have gone with this version.

The attire chosen for Chiya is in reference to her original racer design:
F-Zero: Seppuku - Original Racer Chiya by Siontix

I did actually at one point consider if this is the color scheme I wanted Chiya to go with, however, I walked away from the blue color out of early fear that some may find it too obvious that the original character gets a blue machine, like Captain Falcon. This, of course, is nonsense--as Captain Falcon does not own the color blue. But at the time, I saw logic in the decision.

I'd probably still go with this color scheme, maybe even with Chiya's canon black/blue clothing. It would of paid good homage to the car that we once owned.

White/Pink: A solid white machine with pink stripes; definitely a version of the Purring Kitten that could have worked. Then with the white/pink outfit, one may see similarities to Jody Summer. In fact, I might go as far as to say that this would be Chiya in an alternate universe where she joined up with Jody and the Federation--not Lt. Seppuku.

Personally, though, I would never have gone with this color scheme simply because of Jody Summer already trademarking the two colors--plus the outfit would have looked too similar.

Green/Blue: Probably the least likely design, this would have been a good design for going against the 'white/pink' argument; no one in F-Zero seems to take on green/blue to such a high degree, henceforth, it would give Chiya somewhat of a trademark color scheme. Alternatively, I might suggest that this is in reference to my friend Brandon, who does (or at one point) listed green/blue as his favorite color combination.

Ultimately though, there was no chance of this color scheme getting off the ground. Reason primarily being: Green/blue doesn't fit well with the Lower City + Lt. Seppuku.

Black/Red: In this particular scenario, you could actually rename the machine from Purring Kitten to Dark Avenger, as it is quite literally the color scheme Earl stated that he was going for in the very beginning. This is a very neat design, in my opinion, for several reasons. First of all, it fits Team Seppuku well. Secondly, as a protege to Lt. Seppuku, one (in the F-Zero universe) would not be surprised to find his apprentice trailing him in similar colors. Lastly, the black/red clothing Chiya wears is both natural looking (perhaps even more than the canon attire) and goes well with Lt. Seppuku. All in all, it's a real 'faction' look.

The reason I would never go with this design, however, is that it's a bit too obvious. I'm pretty sure black/red is just what one would expect from an F-Zero fan character, and I would like to keep away from such a predicament. Secondly, this color scheme sort of puts the Red Dove to shame. One would think that Lt. Seppuku of all characters would have this color scheme, not his apprentice. Lastly, it doesn't fit Chiya's character at all. One might make the argument that she's honoring Earl's original desire for the Dark Avenger, but even he would have probably tried to dissuade her along the road, acknowledging that Chiya's not a very dark person--hence not a good fit.

It looks cool, but probably the second to last pick I'd go with.

Strawberry: Basically, the canon Purring Kitten flipped around, where as the pink makes up the hull, and the red just for the stripes. Likewise, Chiya takes on a more fruity attire which includes a red beanie hat. I feel that this color scheme does spell out 'I'm a lady racer' but not in a really stereotypical way.

I probably wouldn't go with this version simply because of the attire though. Considering she bought the outfit from Korea in the story, I find it hard to believe that she'd find one coincidentally in these colors. Just seems like a longshot that the readers wouldn't buy into.

One may argue, however, that I'm being unfair with these for one reason: Unlike the canon version, all others go with a matching color scheme. My response to this is...

I dunno. Bye!


Prologue: F-Zero - Seppuku 1/3 : Prologue

Story contains violence, sexual themes, alcohol, mentioning of drugs/tobacco, agnostic religious views, and offensive language anywhere below the "F" word.

Disclaimer: I do not own F-Zero, all F-Zero titles are property of Nintendo. Most characters in F-Zero: Seppuku belong to Nintendo, (with the exception of Chiya Flower, Earl Bendek, Lieutenant Seppuku, etc.) In addition to this, F-Zero: Seppuku is a non-profit and non-canon work; any donations toward F-Zero: Seppuku will be declined. You can show your support of F-Zero: Seppuku by providing your support to any community asking Nintendo to create a new F-Zero video game.

Any veteran Arby 'n' the Chief fans?

Was probably my favorite show back in middle school.
I've a few big questions I haven't been talking about as often as I should. Frankly, I was waiting for the next issue of the Siontix Newsletter to get some things off my chest, but I feel that I best just speak now about a couple of matters. 

No, there's no specific theme here; I just wish to answer some pending questions in general. I will, of course, tackle the biggest questions first:

1. What of the F-Zero: Seppuku RPG?

Ever since late 2013, there's been talk of an F-Zero: Seppuku spin-off RPG title. The plan was originally to create an RPG that captures the moments of the entire Seppuku Saga, then later developed into an idea where the player would take control of Lynn Flower in the Part 4/3 era. A year ago, one may recall that a lot was being produced in terms of the RPG, primarily portraits:
F-Zero: Seppuku - Chiya (RPG/Tales) by SiontixF-Zero: Seppuku - Antonio Guster (RPG/Tales) by SiontixF-Zero: Seppuku - Sarah Kyoto by Siontix

As one might imagine, a story as massive and qualitative as F-Zero: Seppuku, rightfully so, deserved a massive and qualitative RPG. This is where the issue arises. Since the completion of F-Zero: Seppuku, there seems to have been a surge in Nintendo take downs of fan-made titles. Just today, in fact, they pulled a fan-made Pokemon title for little to no reason. While I respect their desire to remove titles that potentially harm revenue, I can almost say with 100% certainty that these past examples have been nothing short of corporate belligerence--not due to revenue damage.

Be that as it may, I've seen enough to tell that by creating an RPG based around Nintendo's F-Zero universe (despite how original the Seppuku Universe is,) we'd be willingly walking into the same tunnel of hell that so many other Nintendo fan developers have. I fear that by making an F-Zero: Seppuku RPG, we'd simply gain support, fans, and then meet the same death that other titles have. With that being said, the story F-Zero: Seppuku itself could come under fire due to corporate belligerance. All in all, the risk does not seem worth the time it'd take to develop the game, henceforth the Seppuku RPG is almost effectively canceled.

I have no confirmed with my team (aka Koopatrol) whether or not to make its cancellation official, nor do I plan to, but as of this current moment I would rather produce an RPG with him that is of an original idea--not F-Zero. This could mean a future EngelReise or Shrouded Piety title--if not literally a completely fresh idea.

Could an F-Zero: Seppuku RPG ever exist one day? Potentially, but the fact of the matter is that it would not be of such quality as originally planned; for I simply don't see the risk worth it.

The short answer: You should probably just forget about this.

But take heart, my friends. I have, in the RPG's place, decided to expand what kind of future Seppuku Tales we may see. Since there will be no RPG, we will likely see Seppuku Tales covering things (the Goroh-Guster Smuggler War, Clover-Sarah, etc.) in the form of literature, rather than a game.

2. Where is the 'Survivor' addition to Seppuku Tales?

Seppuku Tales - 'Survivor' chapter cover by Siontix

Far more than a year ago I produced this illustration for a Seppuku Tale titled 'Survivor' which would take place a few months after the events of Part 3/3. It would be a Lt. Seppuku centered Tale on the jungle surface of uncolonized Green Plant.

I've been asked about this Tale a lot, evidently. The simple response I've been hesitating to give is that, for the most part, it is canceled. This is a shame, too, as there was a lot of support going for this particular Tale in the beginning.

The fact of the matter is that I did try my hardest to write this Tale, but it's far easier said than written. The problem is that unlike any other literary pieces I've written, this Tale would have featured a single character for 6-8k words. Even worse is that it takes place on the barren surface of Green Plant, with only the crashed Falcon Flyer adding onto scenery. By all means, I could make this work, but the actual work and time I'd need to put into the Tale just didn't/doesn't seem worth it. 

I feel the point of literature should be to answer questions people have, as in: "What would ____ be doing during ____?" This is why Tales such as 'Rose & Excalibur' exist; that Tale answers the question: "How would Rose and Excalibur interact on a date, per se; and what does the average day aboard Black Shadow's ship look like for Rose?" In Survivor's case, there are very few questions to ask that couldn't already be easily predicted. We all know that Seppuku ends up alright, and we all know it sucks wherever he is. With only his inner monologue to give us information and such, it'd just be a Tale of never ending exposition.

In short: This is also cancelled so that we can focus on EngelReise, Shrouded Piety, Seppuku editing, and Seppuku Tales.

3. When do I resume my readings of Ultimate F-ZERO

Anytime, generally. The problem has been what it always is, I'm trying to use my time as efficiently as possible. If I have the energy to write/draw, I will do that before anything else; this is assuming I'm not busy in the first place. I never read if I'm in a creative mood, and I never will. If I am free from work and in a creative mood, such time will always go toward my own creations. There exists the 'problem.' I could and should read Ultimate F-ZERO whenever I can, but then that time really only comes when I'm free and not in the mood to create. Of course, this is fairly common, the issue is reminding myself that I could be reading Ultimate F-ZERO. Often enough, I fall into something like Youtube and that's what takes over my time. Other times, I may be reading another work; mind you, Ultimate F-ZERO is a much larger story than what I usually read, and I will treat said work with respect by giving the story its own time slots.

So what I can say on that note is: With college/internship mere days away, I still would like to get as much done on my front as I can. Once my situation normalizes, I should find myself back on a routine schedule. As it is, we are more than 50% through Ultimate F-ZERO, and the other half will not take long to do once I get back to it.

Also, my recording software is still botched up in terms of file size (still records in the 8-20 GB range) which is a severely negative factor to it all.

4. Why was I so upset a month ago?

Some, or many, may recall that a month ago I was put into a really bad place. I removed almost all of my Steam friends, isolated from commenting/favoriting here on Deviantart, and essentially accused many of 'betraying' me, as it were, in that there still existed a 'he wrote F-Zero: Seppuku' mentality, rather than a 'he writes large stories' mentality. That being said, I'm still not absolutely certain what the fuss was all about. I can say that I've been happier with a less filled friends list on Steam, and even the literary front has been looking better for me.

The thing is though, I still really want people to look at F-Zero: Seppuku. It's a massive 'people's story' that we united created. I suppose I was a bit offended at the time that despite my efforts at trying original stories (EngelReise and Shrouded Piety) that people were still treating F-Zero: Seppuku like the 'now' story, when it had ended in the Summer of 2015. This is still true today, given that we are now more than a year away from F-Zero: Seppuku, I'd like there to be a little more respect for EngelReise and Shrouded Piety (at least from those who have already read Seppuku.)

As to why this bothered me so bad last month to the point where I was almost in tears remains a mystery to me. The reception I've gotten for both EngelReise and Shrouded Piety alike have been better than I had hoped, but perhaps the fact that I no longer hold up to 15 readers was a bit too unfamiliar for me. Eventually, I will need to amass support for ER/SP like I did for Seppuku, but as it stands, I wouldn't mind if both stories could stay in the shadows just a little bit longer. I want people to get into ER/SP when there's enough chapters to hold interest; with only 9 chapters out each at the moment, I feel that both stories remain a bit too small/fresh to be taken seriously.

As I write this, Shrouded Piety is already almost 50% the size of Part 1/3 of F-Zero: Seppuku.

5. When does the 'turn' system for ER/SP end?

Very soon. The official date in which I stop taking turns writing ER/SP will be when Chapter 10 is released for both stories. As of right now, Chapter 9 has been released for both. I therefore expect this change to be made late-August/early-September.

Still, I will probably continue to take turns with ER/SP regardless, as I feel this has been a healthy system--and one that gives EngelReise readers a break while Shrouded Piety is being written, or vice versa. But inevitably, there will and has been times where I may simply have momentum going for a specific story, and during those times, I may very well choose to do 2 chapters of a story before moving onto the next.

Chapter 10 of EngelReise is currently in the making.

6. Will I be giving Tomako Angel and Suri Yaktosh official anniversary deviations?

For those who are unaware, F-Zero: Seppuku has always had a system of 'birthdays' for its characters. Coming up is Three Years of Dark Rose on August 24. As it stands, this has only been a system for characters of F-Zero: Seppuku. Now that EngelReise and Shrouded Piety are established stories, I will rightfully so be adding Suri Yaktosh, Tomako Angel, and Selina Osiris onto the calendar. As of right now, Suri Yaktosh is 2 years old, Selina Osiris 1 year old, and Tomako Angel will soon be 3 years old.

Tomako's anniversary will be every September 29th.
Suri's anniversary will be every July 7th.
Selina's anniversary will be every April 29th.

7. Seppuku Tales Special

This wasn't a question, but something I'd still like to address.

There is, indeed, plans for F-Zero: Seppuku's first ever miniseries. By this, I mean that there will be a group of Seppuku Tales released with actual 'to be continued' continuity. And yes, it will take place in the Part 4/3 era. Don't excite yourself into thinking that this is a sign that F-Zero: Seppuku will be returning with an official Part 4/4; it is still law that F-Zero: Seppuku will go down as a three-part saga. However, a miniseries will surely fulfill any lust you may have for a return to F-Zero: Seppuku with continuity.

As of this present moment, I can say that the miniseries will center around Clover and Sarah. There will likely be no Lt. Seppuku and/or cameo.

8. Siontix has a new Youtube channel?

It would seem that just about everybody has discovered my 'readleader441' channel, and to be honest, I've never been all too happy about that. Said channel is more or less for inside jokes--often very inappropriate in humor. I was somewhat irritated to find during my ascension in recent years that people encounter my videos and leave confused/rude comments for not understanding the humor. Such is why I post 'inside jokes,' because they are for a very specific audience of friends. It's gotten to the point where I no longer feel safe even uploading jokes out of fear that someone I respect may encounter it and pass me unfair judgement.

As a solution, I've now established the new channel simply called 'Siontix'. While at the moment it is completely empty, it is here where you will eventually find videos that are relevant to the common goer. Redleader441 will remain my videos for personal videos and occasional gaming tutorials. This is my warning to you: If you are ever offended by a Redleader441 production, you messed up. I redirect all of you to 'Siontix' for my legitimate works.

With that being said, I have no idea what kind of videos to even upload to the channel. So go ahead and fetch me some ideas, if you have any.

9. Why do I dodge the word 'writer' so much?

Though not a popular thing to notice, some have picked up that I rarely ever address myself as a 'writer,' but rather a 'storyteller.' To easily clear this up: I really am just a 'storyteller.' Don't forget, I've tackled almost all mediums of storytelling: I started with roleplays, went to comics, went to animation (please don't ask about my animation,) went to video series, storybook presentation, and now writing. Believe it or not, writing is quite literally the last in the list of storytelling methods I've tried. The reason I don't try my hand at any of the past mediums is because, well... to put it simply...
Revival Day card for Siontix* by Royaleness

I only found success when trying my hand at writing. By all means, I'd love to return to storytelling that doesn't involve putting word + word together to = 1.6 million word story. It's just that over the years, I've found writing to be an easier way of conveying my thoughts, plot, and characters. I honestly am still looking for other ways to show off my storytelling, such as with past examples:
Blockland F-Zero: Seppuku Video Series by Siontix

If I ever find the perfect tool to do this on, I may very well try again at something other than writing. But I digress, despite writing being my greatest tool for storytelling, I do not consider myself solely a 'writer,' I prefer 'storyteller' as I wish to be a master of crafting stories. When titled a 'writer,' there are much higher expectations from you in terms of grammar, word choice, etc. and to be honest, I am still the person who once/does have an English learning disability. I want people to review my stories, not the words used to convey it. When going with the title 'writer,' the latter is bound to happen.

10. Do I plan on trying something other than writing?

I actually really do. Over the months I've still been seeking out ways to make stories outside of writing, to the point where I've even been in touch with animators. To be honest, I'd love to be an author and/director to a project, and leave the struggles of production to someone else. Someone may call that being lazy, but I really am simply saying that I'd rather be the one to do the storytelling and directing--still a lot of work.

As of right now, however, I am still seeking out ways to perform a video series, something I've always wanted to do, but never quite got the hang of it. If you look far into my Redleader441 videos, you'll find tons of old Roblox/Star Wars series. If I could pick one thing to make a video series out of, it would probably be EngelReise, in all fairness.

Is it time I try my hand at a Blockland EngelReise series? Might F-Zero simply not have been the Siontix story to go with for Blockland? Maybe. Such questions are to be answered in the road ahead.


Siontix's Profile Picture
United States

Northcentral Technical College - IT Web Designer program

You'll find that little of my pictures depict characters with ears. I grew up not drawing ears because I was very bad at doing so; today, I carry on this tradition merely because so many have adapted to this art style.

I am the proud owner of F-Zero: Seppuku--the 1.6 million word saga. I am also the writer of ongoing stories 'EngelReise' and 'Shrouded Piety.' On that note, please realize that I mean not to brag about the length of F-Zero: Seppuku. Considering the incredible decline in F-Zero fandom, it's really just my best tactic in attracting attention to my F-Zero story.

I am again willing to read any story you write; however, with the exception that you do not complain if I choose to read Revivedracer209's Ultimate F-ZERO first. That is currently the story I'm most concentrated on.

My favorite anime in order:
1. Hellsing
2. F-Zero: Falcon Densetsu (Japanese - No subtitles)
3. Chobits (Eng dub)
4. Axis Powers: Hetalia (Eng dub)
5. Zipang (Eng dub)
6. Girls und Panzer (Japanese - Eng sub)
7. The Legend of Koizumi (Japanese - Eng sub)

Currently watching: Kill La Kill (Japanese - Eng sub) [Episode 18] (Update: June 10th, 2016 - It's been about a year since I watched this. I'm probably calling it a quit. Great series, too much fan service.)

- Attack on Titan
- Swordart Online > these are two that I would consider myself a fan of, but I've missed too many episodes on Toonami and will need to rewatch both online.

I am the owner of:


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